$ 9.99 /User

Storage 10GB

$ 14.99 /User

$5 credit​s Storage 50GB

$ 99

Unlimited users $10 credits​ Storage 500GB

$ 120 /User

Storage 10GB /month

$ 180 /User

$5 credits /month​ Storage 50GB /month

$ 1044

( Get 12% discount on $99/month) Unlimited users $10 credit​s /monthStorage 500GB /month

Get All the Features You Need

We are offering EasyCRM as an all-in-one solution which has everything you need to successfully run your business.


Calendarize Everything

Add calls, appointments, and tasks on the calendar to plan everything in advance.


Manage Workflow

Track member activities, assign tasks to team members, pass notes to manage workflow.


Filter Leads & Clients

Use search filters to easily find leads and clients from the deals record.


Stay on Top of Your Pipeline

Track lead progress and modify lead stages to stay on top of your pipeline.


Find & Capture More Leads

Use smart lead capturing methods to find and capture more leads.


Create & Send Emails that Bring Business

Create emails that better engage with prospects and bring more business.

Frequently asked questions

1. How does the EasyCRM pricing work?

We offer monthly packages with and without dialing minutes as well as an annual subscription. You can view our packages above.

2. Can I export my data?

Yes, you can download a copy of your Flow account at any time as an XML file. You can also export any list as a PDF, CSV, or HTML file.

3. How do I pay for EasyCRM?

You can purchase an EasyCRM subscription with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. SSL encryption and Level 1 PCI compliance ensure that your data stays secure.

4. Do you offer discounts for charities?

Yes we do! Send our support team a message with your information and, if you’re eligible, we’ll set you up.


5. When will I be billed?
After you have signed-up for EasyCRM, we’ll ask you to fill in your billing information.That will be the start of your billing cycle, and you’ll be billed on that day every month. You can alternatively opt for annual billing.

6. Will the flow work with my computer? Absolutely! You can create and automate workflows across devices.

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Listen to the experts who are using EasyCRM to level up their business.

EasyCRM is simple and intuitive project management site. We were amazed at how easy it was to track how long we were working on tasks from using the timer to manually entering our time.

Paul Darragh Student at RIT

Great thanks for this great sales CRM like EasyCRM!!!!

John Doe Designer